MTW Approved Cables

MTW Approved Cables – Machine Tool Wiring approved UL cUL CSA Cables suitable for UL MTW , TR-ER ,WTTC applications

PLTC Cables

PLTC Cables – Power Limited Tray Cables – ITC-ER – UL CMG UL444, These Power limited cables allow cabling without a cable duct used in process control.

Tray Rated TC-ER Cables

Tray Rated TC-ER Cables- Tray Cables – Exposed Run UL approved Cables with WTTC – Wind Turbine Tray Cable, UL Wet Approvals AWM2587 & AWM21098, MTW approved

UL Approved Bus Cables

Bus Cables , Devicenet Thick & Thin , Profibus, Profibus DP, Interbus , Profinet , Can open bus, industrial Ethernet cables from Contact Cables Ltd.

UL Control Cables UnScreened

UL Control Cables – Unscreened – UL/cUL/CSA Approved Control Cables. These UL control cables conform to UL2464 , UL21179 , MTW , Tray rated cables.

UL Electronic Cables Unscreened

UL Electronic Cables Unscreened- These UL approved unscreened electronic & data cables conform to UL2464 , UL2516 , UL21179 UL approval standards

UL Encoder & Resolver Cables

UL Encoder & Resolver Cables – UL /cUL Approved Encoder & Resolver Cables from Contact Cables Ltd the UL cables specialists

UL High Flex Cables

UL High Flex Cables – Drag Chain , Dynamic Cables with UL Approvals with power chain applications. Repeat single axis motion cables for use in power chains

UL High Flex Screened Cables

UL High Flex Screened Cables – These Dynamic Drag Chain UL Approved Cables are designed for use in single axis, repeat motion drag chains , PVC PUR TPE-E

UL Panel Wiring

UL Panel Wiring – UL,cUL,CSA approved panel wires , Tri-Rated wire covering UL approvals UL1015 , UL1007 , UL1061 , UL1569 , UL11118 and CSA , BS6231